To the Young Artists of Cyberspace (iNFT)

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Alethea AI与伦敦的艺术家Robert Alice合作,将虚拟的生命带入了现实,他们正在苏富比(Sotheby's)拍卖它,称其为“第一个智能的无能力性代币”(INFT)。

罗伯特·爱丽丝(Robert Alice)与Alethea AI与年轻的网络空间艺术家(2021)进行了开创性的合作,这是迄今为止技术最先进的NFT之一,同时介绍了新标准标准IFFT的概念。


根据Alethea AI的说法,INFT是一种智能的NFT,它嵌入了GPT-3提示,作为其不变的智能合约的一部分。 INFT生成的不仅是可感知的智能,而且具有交互式和动画功能,因为精心制作的提示存储在智能合约层。硬编码的提示呼吁使用最先进的变压器语言模型,以促进生成的可能性,只有通过最近的几次突破和单拍学习才能实现。

__ ifts __的特征

- 嵌入式智能:GPT-X嵌入的预定义或不断发展的提示
- 自学:累积知识并解锁所有者,创建者以及最终网络可用的新形式的智能形式
- 无许可:具有抗审查的普遍用途和审查
- 有价值且可分离的:主人和创造者及其社区可以通过分数所有权获得的价值
- 基于代币:基于以太坊的ERC 721或ERC-1155不可杀菌令牌(NFT)



Alethea AI has teamed up with London-based artist Robert Alice to bring a virtual being to life, and they’re auctioning it at Sotheby’s as the “first intelligent nonfungible token” (iNFT).

A groundbreaking collaboration with Alethea AI, Robert Alice’s To the Young Artists of Cyberspace (2021) presents one of the most technologically advanced NFTs made to date, while introducing the concept of a new token standard, the iNFT.

__What is an iNFT?__

According to Alethea AI, an iNFT is an intelligent NFT that is embedded with a GPT-3 prompt as part of its immutable smart contract. The iNFT generated is not only perceivably intelligent, but has both interactive and animation capabilities as carefully crafted prompts are stored at the smart contract layer. The hardcoded prompts call upon a state-of-the-art Transformer Language model to facilitate generative possibilities only possible through recent breakthroughs in few-shot and single-shot learning.

__Characteristics of iNFTs__

- Embedded Intelligence: A pre-defined or evolving prompt in GPT-X embedded as part of it’s immutable architecture creating generative possibilities in interactive conversation
- Self-Learning: Accrues knowledge and Unlocks new forms of Intelligence available to the owner, creator and eventually, the network
- Permissionless: universally usable and censorship resistant
Metaverse Agnostic: open and available to the internet and integrative with multiple platforms
- Valuable and fractionable: accrues value which is accessible to the owner and creator and its communities through fractional ownership
- Token-based: An Ethereum-based ERC 721 or ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token (NFT)




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